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There are many people that will eagerly listen and follow you blindly. However, don't be mad when you receive questions or ridicule about your grandiose thoughts. Shake off the haters and live your vision!

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At your best: Powerful, inspirational, exciting At your worst: Delusional, melodramatic, desperate. Giving a loved one your undivided attention possibly feels as good as gifting gold. It can be hard to offer even a dear one your full concentration with so… Continue.

Someone you love needs you now, and you're guided by today's compassionate Pisces Moon to offer up gifts of your time and attention on a silver platter. Your… Continue. Taurus, when it's your birthday it's time to pull out all the stops. We're not talking fanfare or loud parties here -- that's not really your style. You do, however, relish the kind of celebration that indulges all of your senses in the most intoxicating way. Your sign, more than any other, has an almost sacred connection to the earth and this physical world we live in. As a result, anything that involves an opportunity to maximize your capacity to taste, touch, smell, see or hear will result in instant bliss.

With each passing year you get even better -- like a fine wine.

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What makes you happiest is knowing that you continue to build your own personal legacy and empire as you utilize your special talents in a grounded, enduring way. Since you're also the money sign of the zodiac, you have a gift for creating lasting wealth. Nothing will stop you once you've made a decision or started a project. Ironically, your greatest strength may also be your weakness. Interestingly enough, the more they talk about themselves, the more they feel that you are a great conversationalist.

You know how this all works out.

Relationships in Astrology

Not surprisingly, you are eager to let the other person talk. When it is your turn to talk, you facilitate them sharing more of what they have to say. Not surprisingly, your romantic partners seek you out and treasure your ability to make them feel like they matter. Those with a birthday on October 16 are best suited for leadership roles, analysis jobs, and anything requiring an even temper and great reasoning.

Your weekly horoscope: October 8 - October 13, 12222

You are able to look through otherwise emotionally convoluted and complicated situations to get to the heart of the matter. Accompanying this ability to see the big picture, you also have a tendency to present things in terms that most people could understand. People get a natural sense of confidence from you.

This helps open many doors for you are far as your career goes. This makes you a natural center of gravity among your friends and loved ones. They can see that when they talk to you, they can get some level of assurance and confidence. Even if you are going to be delivering bad news, you are able to present it in such a way that people can at least hope for a better tomorrow. Your ability to remain in control of your emotions during otherwise turbulent times is a tremendous asset indeed. Some people are unable to do this.

Unfortunately in some cases, depending on who you are speaking to, it is easy to confuse these two things. In many cases, a lot of your loved ones who are suffering or going through really tough times would like you to at least reflect some of the intense emotions that they are feeling.

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While being cool, calm, and collected is the way to go for most things, when it comes to really tough personal issues being faced by your closest friends and family, a little bit of intense emotions can go a long way. Air is, by definition, balanced. Whenever go you into any room, the distribution of the air there is usually balanced. Unless you have air conditioning, air naturally finds its balance in any space. While Jupiter has a strong influence on Libra, Venus actually has a stronger practical role for your birthdate. While Jupiter may set the overall direction and tone of how you respond to many situations, Venus can throw a curveball as far how you perceive things.

Personality Profile for People Born on October 16